Multiple heating plate

Enginered and made in Switzerland

The PLAROX is used to heat watch cases in preparation for thermal shock. Each plate heats up according to the temperature instructions entered by the operator.

Machine functions

  • Plate for heating up watches prior to the condensation test
  • Temperature regulation.
  • Independent regulation of each plate.
  • Uniform temperature over the entire surface.
  • Swivel plate.
  • Can be mounted on a workbench or on AQUAPRESS PXX.
  • Touch-screen.
  • Weekly operating periods can be defined.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage :
Power :
Heating temperature :
Capacity :
Weight :
Dimensions (l/p/h) :

110-230 V / 50-60 Hz
700 W
30 to 65°C
approx. 200 watches (10 trays)
32 Kg
560 x 430 x 525 mm

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