Semi-automatic hand fitting machine

Compact workbench machine
Intuitive, ultra-precise and rapid
Drives on 1 to 8 centred or off-centred hands
Loaded concurrently
Date change setting (Datomat)
Independent movement holding spindle and tool bar
Mechanical or vacuum hand pick-up
Independent or simultaneous hand pick-up
Easy driving height correction
Driving-on assistance system
Double start and electronic safety barrier
Work area with adjustable backlighting
Interface with touch-screen mounted on articulated arm
Axis speed setting potentiometer, 1 to 100%
2 programming modes: by code line or programming
Axis control pad and manual mode for machine setting
Min. and max. driving force limit can be programmed for each hand
Driving data storage

Option: Datomat offset for date jump in masked time



Supply voltage: 110-230 V / 50-60 Hz
Power: 500 W
Driving force: 0.1 to 200 N
Resolution of X, Y and Z axes: ±0.001 mm
Program and data transfer: USB 2.0
Complete tool changeover time: moins d’une minute
Weight: 26 Kg
Dimensions (l/p/h): 505 x 395 x 380 mm

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