Hand remove

Enginered and made in Switzerland

This stem allows to remove hands without support on the dial.

Technical specifications

It is composed of the following elements :

Pusher :
Knob :
Clamp lever :
Teflon table :
Weight :
Dimension : (l/p/h) :

Applies the counter-axis on the hand axis
Adjust the working height and remove the hand.
Blocks the counter-axis.
Teflon table Sliding area where comes the movement holder
1.2 Kg
110 x 120 x 140 mm

Necessary tools

Interchangeable parts composed of a counter-axis and a fork made according to your needs.

Counter shaft : Shaft holding the hand axis during the remove.

Fork extractor : Housing under the hand.

Universal movement holder

Allows a universal tightening of the movement.


The universal movement holder can be purchased separately and used for several applications.

download the technical sheet