Manual electric screwing press

Enginered and made in Switzerland

The machine PVE-M is an electric screwing press with electronic speed and torque control for opening and closing screw-down case backs. The manual feed with lever allows the user to ensure pressure on the back during handling. The electronic control allows to adjust the different parameters of the machine using a touch screen.


Machine functions

  • For opening and closing screw-down case backs
  • Manual alignment
  • Unscrewing test function
  • Electronic control
  • Interchangeable base
  • Touch-screen

Technical specifications

Supply voltage :
Power :
Rotation frequency :
Number of unscrewing turns :
Screwing torque :
Unscrewing torque :
Weight :
Dimensions (l/p/h) :

110-230 V / 50-60 Hz
600 W
0.5 to 5 rps
0.5 to 9 turns
0.8 to 12 Nm
0.8 to 12 Nm
24 kg
400 x 350 x 400 mm

*Accessories : see presses accessories data sheet

download the technical sheet